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S. J. Pajonas: Author and AI Fiction Coach

Hello! I’m Stephanie (Steph) Pajonas, writing as S. J. Pajonas and Steph Gennaro, and I’m the AI Fiction Coach. I run an AI Writing for Authors group on Facebook with over 400 members, and I help authors via my blog and coaching on how to use AI to write fiction.

As an experienced author, I know the value of having the right tools at your fingertips. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to learning about the latest AI technologies and how they can help writers. I’ve seen the impact these tools can have on my own writing and the writing of others, and I’m excited to share that knowledge with you and your audiences. 

Speaking Topics

I’m available to speak on the following topics.

  • Overcoming Writer’s Block with AI: Using AI to recharge your writing and overcome obstacles.
  • The Ethics of AI in Writing: Discussing the ethical considerations involved in using AI in writing, including issues of originality, ownership, and accountability.
  • The Creative Process with AI: An examination of how AI can be used to enhance and support the creative process, from generating ideas to refining and editing your writing.
  • The Future of Writing with AI: A look at the future of writing and how AI will continue to shape and influence the industry, including discussion of emerging technologies and trends.
  • And more! If you have a specific topic in mind that you think I can speak on, let’s discuss it!

Speaking Engagements

I will update this section with my speaking engagement schedule as it becomes available.


Contact Me About Speaking At Your Event

Please use the form below to contact me. I’m available for both Zoom and some in-person events depending on timing and distance needed to travel. Fees are negotiable based on the details of the engagement.

AI Fiction Coach