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Tools and Resources

This post will be updated as frequently as I can with new tools and resources for you! This post also contains some affiliate links. I get a small kickback from some companies that I link to here. This does not mean that they pay me for an endorsement. I only link to things I feel confident in sharing with you all.

Fiction Writing Tools

A program especially built for fiction writers by fiction writers.

Novel AI
Also a fiction writing AI program.

This one is growing by leaps and bounds.

Quick Write
For fiction writers with lots of cool worldbuilding stuff.

Best for outlining and story generation.

This one requires training a bot.

This one is tough to get working, but if you have a programming background, you may have more luck than me!

An AI chat bot that can be used for some fiction and especially for marketing stuff!

Brainstorm by either creating a character or using one of their pre-built characters.

LitRPG Adventures
Lots of world-building tools here and more to come!

ChatGenius (Author:Unblocked)

Mind-mapping tool using AI. Good for plotting.

Create a cute mini-novel with one prompt.

Prompting for Sex Scenes
A guide written by me. Please note NSFW.

Non-Fiction and Blogging Tools

More non-fiction AI writing tool.

Word Hero
This one is good for blogging/non-fiction.

Copy AI
This one is new to me and I don’t know enough about it yet.





They have added AI tools recently.

This one has a long waiting list. Contact me if you want an invite.

So Many More!
All the copywriting tools that Future Tools has recommended.

Social Media

A social media tool that has an AI writer built-in. Great for ads and social media posts.



Grammarly (They are adding AI features)

ProWritingAid (They are also adding AI features)

Books & Other Resources

Love By The Prompt by Rachelle Ayala

ChatGPT Secrets: Insider Tips from a Ghostwriter to the Stars by Jen Greyson

How to Write a Book with Help of ChatGPT — Practical Step-by-Step Guide

World-building with GPT

Co-writing With AI

Newsletters & AI Repositories

A repository of prompts

AI Depot

Ben’s Bites (Newsletter and Repository)

Future Tools (Newsletter and Repository)

The Rundown and Supertools from The Rundown

AI Breakfast

6 thoughts on “Tools and Resources”

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  3. This is a fabulous resource. Thank you. I would suggest one addition to your list of editing tools. I recently switched from ProWritingAid to Auto Crit. I believe they are also using AI features, but you might want to independently verify that information.

    John Hornbeck

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